We are a husband and wife duo, who met 5  years ago via Instagram. We were drawn to each other through  photography and the rest is history! We have spent our time together wandering - travelling, exploring and photographing everything possible. We hope you enjoy seeing the world through our eyes. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

The Sparkler

Hi, I'm @the_sparkler! I first generated an interest for photography when I took a film photography class in high school. I shot on and off for a while, but about 5  years ago it transformed from a hobby to an obsession. I found I was  more inspired when I joined communities of like-minded people through Instagram. It has brought me solace, in the chaos we call  life and I'm glad I can share this interest with my best friend. The experiences we have shared together have been life changing.


Photographer highlighted in Inspades Magazine, April 2018

Featured Spotlight on AbandonedCentral.com, February 2018

Joint Gallery with Pam Julian: In Pursuit of the Obscure, September 2016

Photo published on Narcity.com, "36 Amazing Toronto Photographers You Must Follow On Instagram," June 2016

3rd place - Celebrate Toronto Photo Contest, Feb 2016

Gallery Participant: Most Creative Toronto Instagrammers of 2015, December 2015

Photo published on Narcity.com, "The Best Toronto Instagram Pictures (Vol. 8)," May 2015

3rd place - Celebrate Toronto Photo Contest, Feb 2015

Bando Bill

Whats up? I'm @bando.bill and I got my first camera when I was in my early 20s, but I eventually grew bored of it. Later on in my early 30s, I met a friend who was into photography and he got me onto Instagram and shooting again. Since then I have practiced photography regularily. I have met some really cool people through photography, we have a lot of fun, and it gets me out of the house. There are always new places to explore and I bought a drone, to help get a unique view in familiar places as well. I really enjoy flying my drone - it's like playing a video game. To conclude, after collecting 5 years worth of experience and photographs, I figured I should stop being lazy and try to sell some of them. Hope you like them.


Photo purchased by Tenba Bags and posted on Tenba.com, January 2019

Meeting The Sparkler through Instagram and making her mine, December 2017

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